Programme and Courses

Following Vocational Courses are available in Yoga Department of Ranchi University, Ranchi

  • B.Sc. in Yogic Science (3 years)

    The Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) program in yoga is spread over three academic years imparting knowledge and skills about every facet of Yoga. This program has been designed for meeting the demand of the growing needs of experts in the fields of Naturopathy, Yoga and related oriental treatments and therapies. The program brings together contemporary classroom learning techniques coupled with a traditional yogic gurukul way of life strengthening scientific evidence of the positive effects of yoga and meditation on human health.

  • Masters in Yogic Science (2 years)

    Masters in Yogic Science program is based on CBCS and divided in four semesters. Aim of the program to teach and prepare students through various holistic orientations of Yoga by exhaustive theoretical and practical practices. The pedagogical design of the syllabus is highly competitive and research based. Skill development of yoga students develops the chance of their employability and start-up activities. It enables female students to start-up their own Yoga Centres at home and earn money and a good lifestyle.

    Course Structure

    1st Semester:

    • Paper 1 (FCYOG-101) : Historical Study of Yoga
    • Paper2 (CCYOG-102) : Asanas, Pranayama, Mudra and Bandhas
    • Paper 3 (CCYOG-103) : Body Structure and KriyaVigyan (with reference to Yoga)
    • Paper Four (CPYOG-102): Experimental Practices

    2nd Semester

    • Paper 5 (ECYOG-201) : Theories of Hatha Yoga Practice
      Paper 6 (CCYOG-202) : Patanjali Yoga Darshan
    • Paper 7 (CCYOG-203) : Healthy Living, Diet and Yoga treatment
    • Paper 8 (CPYOG-204) : Experimental Practices [Extra practice of First Semester]

    3rd Semester

    • Paper 9 (CCYOG-301 ) : Scientific study of Yogasana.
    • Paper 10 (CCYOG-301) : Yoga and Mental Health
    • Paper 11 ( ECYOG-301) : Theory of natural medical science.
    • Paper 12 (CPYOG-301) : Experimental Practices [Extra practice of First Semester]

    4th Semester

    • Paper 13 (CC YOG-401) : Indian philosophy and Human Consciousness.
    • Paper 14 (ECYOG-402) : Scientific study of Pranayama
    • Paper 15 (PRYOG-403) : Project Work
    • Paper 16 (CPYOG-404) : Experimental Practices [Extra practice of First Semester]
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Yogic Science (1 year)

    The aim of this course is to promote physical and mental health, prevention of stress and rehabilitation through Yoga. Integral approach to Yoga therapy imparts skills in students which help them in personality development and invoke Scientific attitude for enhancing efficiency in day to day life. Yoga contributes substantially in preventing and curing several ailments. The P.G. Diploma Holder can become a good Yoga teacher or establish yoga centre anywhere in the world and can earn while serving the mankind.

    Course Structure of Post Graduate Diploma in Yogic Science:

    Semester 1:

    • FC1 (FCYOG101) : Fundamentals of Yoga.
    • C1 (CCYOG102) : Introduction of Hatha Yoga.
    • C2 (CCYOG101) : Human Biology and Yoga.
    • C3 (CPYOG101) : Yoga Practical Study-I

    Semester 2:

    • SE4 (ECYOG201) : Yoga Practical Study-II
    • C4 (CCYOG202) : The Introductory Study of Yoga Sutras.
    • C5 (CCYOG203) : Yoga and Health.
    • Project (PRYOG204) : Project Work
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  • Yoga & Lifestyle (6-Months Add-On Certificate Course)

    6-month duration of the add-on courses for any student or professionals.

  • Yoga & Acupressure (6-Months Add-On Certificate Course)

    6-month duration of the add-on courses for any student or professionals.

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